Go Flight – Hazy IPA

GO FLIGHT HAZY IPA Go Flight fuels up with healthy hop-additions in the boil, throughout the whirlpool, and on two separate occasions in the fermenter. A Hazy IPA through and through with loads of soft and juicy tropical fruitflavors contributed from the Mosaic, Citra, and Galaxy hops. Flight Controllers within Mission Control provide a Go/No […]

Ben’s House IPA – West Coast IPA

BEN’S HOUSE IPA WEST COAST IPA If you’re not a hop that’s from the West Coast you’re not invited to this party. Columbus, Cascade, and Centennial are used throughout. Lingering bitter notes are complemented by classic West Coast floral and citrus aromas.Ben, one of the founding members of True Anomaly, developed this tasty IPA long […]

Trainer – Session Hazy IPA

TRAINER AMERICAN IPA The lighter option to the traditional Hazy IPA, Trainer balances a softer and lighter mouthfeel with fresh dreamsicle vibes. In 1961 NASA established an elite training program for the astronaut corps. Its purpose was to teach pilots and mission specialists to think quickly in changing situations, mental experiences the astronauts say are […]

Sky Lab – American IPA

SKY LAB AMERICAN IPA Juicier with a more citrus-forward character, Skylab pours clear with golden pineapple aromas and flavors of peach and cantaloupe. Skylab was the first United States space station launched by NASA; occupied between May 1973 – February 1974. Unable to be re-boosted by the Space Shuttle, which was not ready until 1981, […]

Rocket Park – Pale Ale

rocket park PALE ALE The staple in our Park Pale Series highlighting the very best in hops. Rocket Park uses 100% Citra hops, an American hop aptly named for its aromas and flavors of grapefruit, lime, and peach. Located at Johnson Space Center, Rocket Park exhibitsmultiple retired rockets used during the history of the space […]

Contact Light – American Saison

contact light DH SAISON A blend of styles, Contact Light takes the best parts of the Saison and the IPA, folding in Mosaic and Amarillo hops for a spiced up, hop-forward grapefruit and peach refresher. “Contact Light,” the first words spoken on the moon;transcript from the Eagle Lunar Module upon landing on the moon:– Buzz […]

Small Giant – Grisette Little Saison

small giant SUMMER SAISON Small Giant is our handcrafted Little Saison. A Belgian-style, easy drinker that’s lower in alcohol, crisp, and finishes with subtle pepper and spice notes. “It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty andblue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out […]

Scout – Mexican Style Lager

SCOUT MEXICAN-STYLE LAGER Rated the second best International Lager in the Nation (Silver Medal; GABF) Scout is a summertime necessity for anyone’s beer cooler. The Solid Controlled Orbital Utility Test system (SCOUT) was designed to push the limits of flight by sending satellites further into orbit, allowing NASA to scout both the limits of space […]